Omnipresent education Pvt. Ltd (OEPL) is a start up to provide valued added education services to medical students. Currently, if student wants to prepare for exam, it is really challenging task. Student may need to travel to get coaching or left with only study material that is in the books or online which is difficult to understand and not interactive. And also student has to understand it by himself that is very challenging task in the time of rapidly changing medical knowledge and examination patterns.

Another problem to get excellent coaching is high price. At OEPL, we understand financial constraint of student. So we offer all our education services at very low prices that student can easily afford.

This is an initiative by a group of doctors who wants to help students to achieve success in their medical entrance exam and in professional career.


  1. Provide student friendly, cost-effective, interactive educational services all over the world to assist medical students to reach their full potential in their professional career.
  2. OEPL is dedicated to success of student by providing educational services by different delivery methods and developing easy-to-understand, multimedia enriched content for professional entrance exams.


  1. We intend to revolutionize the way student prepare for exam through innovation, introducing technology, quality performance and commitment to our students.
  2. Our aim is to offer services that will make education experience fun and rewarding.