FAQ Step 2 CS

  1. How does it work for Step 2 CS?
    It works completely online. The web application provide very rich educational experience. Only you need is computer and internet connection.

  2. If I buy the service for Step 2 CS, can I use it on iPad?
    It'll work on browser. However if you wish to use as an application, you must purchase it from App. Store available for iPad

  3. I am not a techno-savvy person. Can I use online service?
    Absolutely, it is very easy. You do not need to be techno-savvy person. We will assist you for any query, so you can learn that easily.

  4. I am in USA. Can I see the lectures?
    Absolutely, the service is for students around the world.

  5. If I finished my subscription periods, what should I do?
    You can renew it from your account. Please login to your account to see the Renew link.

  6. What should I do if videos are not working in my account?
    Please try to use different browsers and make sure that you have Latest Version of Flash Player installed in your system. If your browser show 'Missing Plug-in'. Go to Flash Player website and download the Plug-in. If this doesn't solve your problem, please e-mail us with error details you receive.

  7. If the page or any media takes too long time to load or buffer?
    It mostly depends on your internet speed and system you are using. As far as you can watch videos on other sites, you can use ours too. Else you can let us know by sending e-mail to: conact@usmletutoring.com.

  8. Are they recorded lectures?
    No, Its fresh material designed by expert Step 2 CS faculty for you to learn online.

  9. If I like to use this on my Android or Apple devices, can I use?
    We have separate services for each devices, so you can't use the service bought from one to another. For example: if you have bought our application on iPad, you can't use the same thing on website until you pay separately for that service

  10. Will I get assistance on patient note?
    Yes, we may assist you on patient note if you finding any difficulty. You can type and send it to our instructor by 'Contact US'. He/She will review and send it back to you.

  11. If I need any extra help, whom should I contact?
    If you need any extra help in your exam preparation, please contact us or write at contact@usmletutoring.com.

  12. I need extra help in English proficiency?
    As of now we don't provide such service, however you can contact us to know the latest situation.

Billing FAQs

  1. What are the different Services available?
    Currently, we offer range of Step 1 Services as below.
    • Step 1 Live Training
    • Step 1 Recorded Lectures
    For Step 2 CS Services as below.
    • Step 2 CS Cases: 60+ Cases (videos + documents)
    • Practice of Patient Note: Practice of patient note application
    • Challenging Questions(CQ) Made Easy: Interactive Quiz Game
    You can also use above mentioned Step 2 CS services except 'Practice of Patient Note' on Apple's iPad and iPhone, Android Phones.
    If you need any extra help in your exam preparation, please contact us or write at contact@usmletutoring.com. We will do our best for you to assist you in your preparation.

  2. What is refund policy?
    We try our best to satisfy our students. Currently we do not provide refund.

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